How It's Made
Home Plow
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* Model/Part #23150 uses manual lift to raise/lower the blade. Model/Part #23250/24000 use an electric lift for up/down blade movement.

* Not available on model 23150.

* Not available on models 23150 and 23250.

* Models 26000 and 26500 have full hydraulic control for up/down left/right blade movement.

Easy to Use and Easy on the Wallet
Unlike expensive and heavy snow plows that are difficult to install, the affordable, lightweight HomePlow is easy to install, use and store. The HomePlow is available in electric auto-angling models, as well as full hydraulic models, giving you complete control of your HomePlow. All HomePlow models come with a one year warranty.

Quick-Link™ system for fast and easy on/off


Sealed hydraulic operating system protects all hydraulic components from the elements. (Model 23150 uses manual lift to raise and lower the blade. Models 23250 and 24000 use an electric lift for up/down blade movement.)

Sealed hydraulics

The adjustable chain allows custom height as needed depending on terrain and vehicle requirements. (Not available on model 23150.)

Adjustable Chain

Plow markers allow the operator to determine the position of the front and side edge of the moldboard while in operation

Plow Markers

Dura Slick™ Powder Paint provides better snow rolling action for increased clearing performance

Dura Slick

Integrated mounting wheels for easy on/off and plow storage. (Not available on models 23150 and 23250.)


Patented Auto-Angling™ automatically adjusts the blade right or left. (Models 26000 and 26500 have full hydraulic control for up/down and left/right blade movement.)

The HomePlow, by Meyer
The HomePlow is made by Meyer Products, inventors of commercial snowplows in America. We know a thing or two about snow removal and we developed the HomePlow specifically for homeowners who drive SUVs or light pick-ups.
Easy to Install and Store
The HomePlow comes fully assembled* to minimize initial installation time, and there are no auxiliary lights. All that’s required is a 2-inch, Class-3 front receiver hitch (sold separately) available for most SUVs and light pickups. When not in use, the HomePlow’s compact design and integrated caster wheels** make it easy to maneuver and store. The wheels also make it easy to position the plow when attaching or detaching from the vehicle.

* Model/Part #23250 Requires Assembly
** Wheels Not Available on Model/Part #23250

Easy Assembly - 3 easy steps