Why doesn't the keyless remote illuminate when pressed? A blue LED should illuminate on the keyless remote.  If it does not illuminate or is dim, replace the remote's two batteries with part #22988 which can be purchased at a local Meyer retailer.  You can also purchase two CR2016 3V batteries at a local retailer that sells this style battery.  Instructions model 24000.

How much snow will the HomePlow handle? The HomePlow is designed to handle up to 8" - 10" of snow, but keep in mind, even at the professional level, the vehicle you drive and condition of the snow will determine how much snow your plow can remove. Snow conditions often vary due to the weather conditions which can affect the density of snow. In addition, snow consistency can change over time. As with any snow clearing device, the quicker the snow is removed DURING the storm, the easier snow is to manage. It is important to remember, plow WITH the storm, not after it!

What if the plow hits something when plowing? The HomePlow is designed to “trip” when the plow comes into contact with an object or obstacle. The tripping action allows the plow to tilt/spring forward and glide over the obstacle. Once the plow is over the obstacle it automatically returns to the plow position. The “trip” action allows the plow to automatically detect the obstacle and pass over it without damaging the vehicle.

What is back-dragging? – Back-dragging is a snowplow technique that allows the plow to operate when the vehicle is in reverse. This technique is often use to clear snow in front of a garage door or is frequently done on the second push or pass.

How fast can I plow? The maximum plowing speed is 5 mph. The HomePlow is designed for home-owner use and is not intended for commercial applications. Plowing over the maximum allowable speed will place added stress on the plow which can lead to poor performance and may damage the plow and/or mounting system.

What is the approved transportation speed for a HomePlow attached to a vehicle? There is no technical reason why you can't transport the HomePlow over-the-road.  However, driving over-the-road with a snowplow attached to your vehicle is inherently a risk and we discourage non-professional snow plowers from taking this action. Transport the plow during daylight hours only as moldboard may block vehicle lights.  Do not exceed 35 MPH if going over the road.

Can you upgrade the Auto-Angling HomePlow to Power Angling? No, the power angling version requires a completely different operating system which will not work with the auto-angling model.

What if I want to over-ride the Auto-Angling feature? Simple. The auto-angling model comes with a standard locking pin that allows the operator to lock the unit in full right or left position when/if needed.

What are snow shoes and what do they do? Shoes are mounted on the back of the blade, a.k.a., moldboard and allow the operator to create a space/gap between the cutting edge and ground. The shoes actually engage the surface as opposed to the cutting edge. This space/gap is sometimes needed depending on the surface being plowed. Gravel roads, pavers, and/or special decorative driveways are examples where shoes may be utilized.

What can I do if the unit stops lifting the plow up and down?   The HomePlow is designed to allow the end-user to transport the vehicle in any emergency situation.  The operator simply raises the moldboard creating slack in the chain.  The chain is set in the lowest position thus securing the plow safely above the ground ready to transfer to the nearest service location.

Can I install the HomePlow myself? Yes. Installation is simple and the easy to read pictorial instructions are intuitive. Typically, the front mount hitch can be installed in under an hour depending on experience level. The actual plow attaches in minutes with NO drilling required. Click here to view installation video.

How difficult is it to wire the product to my vehicle? Very easy. The HomePlow is powered by the battery. Simply hook the HomePlow wires to the positive and negative terminals and you’re done, no splicing or cutting required. Click here to view wiring video.

How much maintenance is required? Very little maintenance. The operator needs to periodically check the hydraulic oil level, make sure there is adequate dielectric grease on the plug connectors. Annually, spring tension should be checked; make sure all connections are tight and cutting edge is within operational tolerance.  Finally, to provide better lubrication in harsh conditions, make sure to coat connections and fittings with Meyer Cool Lube.

I already have a Front Receiver Hitch, can I use it? The HomePlow is designed to work with a category 3, 2”  front receiver hitch. There are many manufacturers that make category 3, 2” hitches.  The HomePlow is designed to operate on OEM original equipment specifications.  Vehicles that have been altered with aftermarket equipment may not meet these requirements.

I see HomePlow recommends Curt Hitches, is there a reason for this? The HomePlow is designed to work with any category 3, 2” hitch. However, there are certain applications that require various extensions either up/down or inboard/outboard due to the vehicle bumper design or vehicle height. In this case Curt includes the proper extension with the mounting. All Curt hitches ordered from Meyer will include any required hitch extensions.